Songwriters Mentoring Program 2017

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Do you wish you had access to experienced Songwriters that listen to your songs and provide personal feedback?

This unique six week mentoring program for songwriters is an absolute game changer! In our Songwriters Mentoring Program you now have a place to connect with experienced professionals who are able to listen to your songs and answer your questions in a small, personal setting. This unique program will take your songwriting to a whole new level!


Our Songwriters Mentoring Program is 6 weeks long and is for those who have a heart to write songs that shift and shape atmospheres and culture. Our heart is to invest into songwriters who are passionate about their gifting and who desire to write songs that lead people into an encounter with Jesus. We want to share the tools and insights we have with those who have a passion to write songs that shape nations!


Over the course of the six weeks you will have have a 1 hour video session, weekly songwriting lessons, and homework. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and connect with other songwriters on the program. The weekly mentoring sessions are held online and are easy to jump in on from anywhere that has an internet connection. This program is limited to a small group of likeminded people who are on a similar journey and share a common passion - songwriting. These small group sessions allow time for teaching, conversation, questions, and connection that will last long beyond the six week program.


Josh & Amberley Klinkenberg

Josh and Amberley are the co-founders and directors of InFlame Ministries.

Together they have been songwriting, leading worship, teaching, and training for over a decade. 

Josh is an accomplished songwriter and producer. He spends much of his time recording, mixing, and producing other artists through InFlame Studios.

Josh and Amberley are both InFlame Music Artists and Jesus Culture Music Artists. They have released both an EP called "Our Love"  and a full length worship album called "Flood Me." 

The Klinkenberg's are also Global Sounds of the Nations directors where they work with many different nations around the world to see the song of the Lord released through indigenous songs, sounds, and art forms.

Phil Houghton

Phil in an InFlame Music Artist, engineer, musician, producer and a business owner. He and his wife Janelle live with their children in Nelson, NZ where they share a passion for worship leading and songwriting. 

Phil and Janelle have released multiple albums and have worked on a number of other artists projects as producers and musicians.  

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Course Curriculum

Week 1
Getting Setup
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Homework 1
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Week 2
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Homework 2
Session 2 Video
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Week 3
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Homework 3
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Week 4
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Homework 4
Session 4 Video
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Week 5
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Homework 5
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Week 6
Mentoring Session 6 Details
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