Prophecy 101

Course description

This powerful new course brings understanding to the gift of prophecy in a way that enables every believer to access and activate this gift in their own daily life. With scripturally founded teaching this prophetic 101 course will equip you to;

  • Hear the voice of the Father effectively and clearly
  • Partner with the Father in seeing atmospheres, cities, and nations transformed!
  • Discover the power and nature of the prophetic
  • Move in the power of the prophetic in your daily life
  • Release accurate prophetic words over individuals, cities, and nations
  • Capture Gods heart for people and places in an authentic and loving way

Included in this course are seven video teachings with course notes and quizzes for each lesson. You will also have five prophetic assignments to complete which propel you straight into the awesome adventure of the prophetic!

For those wanting to hear Gods voice and see the world around them transformed, this course is for you! The voice of our Father is filled with life, love, hope, and power to bring transformation. As we learn to partner with the Holy Spirit and release His word to the world around us we begin to see life, love, healing, wholeness, and transformation take place in every conversation we have and in every place we step foot. The prophetic is about serving, strengthening, and revealing connection with the Father to the world around you. Learn how you can participate in this awesome adventure today!

We long to see a company of people rise up who live in the fullness of our connection to the Father where every word they speak holds the transformational life of heaven. A people who can look at the darkest of places and see the hidden treasures buried deep beneath the surface. A people who can see past the trash and spot the gold. Those who can call people and place up into their destiny and unlock the Gold dream over individuals, cities, and nations! This prophetic 101 course is serving this reality in your life - this is something that you can walk in and experience today!

This course will benefit those who are new to the prophetic AND those who are experienced in this ministry also. You are a carrier of the voice of God, discover the power of this awesome reality in your own life and begin the adventure into the prophetic today!

PLEASE NOTE: Course pricing is in USD. The system we use requires us to sell in USD. We have converted the course pricing from $129 NZD to $79 USD so you are not paying any more that you would normally.

InFlame Academy
InFlame Academy

Course Curriculum

Introduction Video FREE PREVIEW
Reading: Tracking Your Words
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Lesson 1
Video 1: The Nature of the Prophetic
Lesson 1 Notes: The Nature of the Prophetic - Creating Reality
Quiz 1: The Nature of the Prophetic
Prophetic Assignment: Word for a Friend
Prophetic Assignment: Word for a Friend
The Power of Your Prophetic Words
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Lesson 2
Video 2: The Gift and The Position
Lesson 2 Notes: The Gift of Prophecy and The Prophet
Quiz 2: The Gift and The Position
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Lesson 3
Video 3: Clearing the Air
Lesson 3 Notes: Shifting Atmospheres - Clearing the Air
Quiz 3: Shifting Atmospheres / Clearing the Air
Prophetic Assignment: Word for a Stranger
Prophetic Assignment: Word for a Stranger
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Lesson 4
Video 4: What Do You See?
Lesson 4 Notes: What Do You See?
Quiz 4: What Do You See?
Prophetic Assignment: Prophesy over your City
Prophetic Assignment: Prophesy over your City
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Lesson 5
Video 5: Processing Gods Voice
Lesson 5 Notes: Processing Gods Voice
Quiz 5: Processing Gods Voice
Create Your Own Code Book
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Lesson 6
Video 6: Prophetic Protocol
Lesson 6 Notes: Prophetic Protocol
Quiz 6: Prophetic Protocol
Prophetic Assignment: Three Day Aventure
Prophetic Assignment: Three Day Adventure
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Lesson 7
Video 7: Discipling Nations
Lesson 7 Notes: Discipling Nations
Quiz 7: Discipling Nations
Prophetic Assignment: Prophesy over your Nation
Prophetic Assignment: Prophesy over your Nation
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Prophecy 101 Final Survey
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