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InFlame Creative Arts Program - Songwriting Stream

iCAP is our flagship online creative arts course. In an effort to train, equip, and raise up a generation of ambassadors who can effectively communicate and release the love and power of the Kingdom through their art form, we have put together this powerful online program.

iCAP is currently made up of two terms, each between 6 to 8 weeks/lessons in length. Each lesson has several elements including videos, audio, readings, and quizzes to complete.

Because of the nature of our online system, iCAP students are able to complete each lesson anytime, anywhere. You are able to watch, listen, read, and complete lessons on almost every device with an internet connect. If you travel, work, have kids, or just live a full life iCAP can work around your schedule and fit in to what works for you.

iCAP is intended for students to complete one lesson each week. This means that the average work load is approximately only two to three hours per week.

iCAP 2017 SONGWRITERS includes these courses

iCAP Term 1
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iCAP Term 2 - Songwriters
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